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We understand

At LaunchByte, we understand innovation challenges. As former startup execs/founders, we've lived them all, both the good ones and the bad ones. We also understand that startups are all about designing and refining the business plan, getting funded, MVP'd, and launched. For the Enterprise, it's all about executing on the business plan and hiring those that will help deliver it. With this shift in execution, innovation always seems to get buried - just look at RedBox, Blockbuster, Polaroid, Monster, MySpace, Palm, and the entire publishing industry (to name but a few).

Failure to innovate lead to those long, slow, painful deaths, and here is why: most corporate innovation centers don't exist. Or rather they exist but they are tied to corporate, tied to ROI/revenue, and are housed in empty rooms/former closets that corporate thinks is cool because they threw in a foosball table, a Keurig, a couple of MBA's and hung a sign on the door that says "Inno Lab". But nobody wants to touch it. All the top engineers are getting jobs at the cool sexy startups who are building the cool sexy products. And so the problem continues…

Enter LaunchByte's Corp Inno Hub. A unique spin on an age-old challenge: corporate innovation.

Avoid common pitfalls and distractions that hold back most corporate innovation centers.

Work side-by-side with growth hackers and innovators to transform the way you approach innovation.

Bring startup practices and approaches into the heart of your corporation and products.

Sounds Awesome. How does it work?

We leverage our startup chops and massive startup street-cred and invite your team in to come and work among our startup founders and engineers/devs at our cool startup digs. Your key team members work in this fast-paced and highly innovative environment to rethink their approach to innovation, then come back to corporate re-energized and ready to re-infuse that DNA back into their core teams and your product roadmap.

A work environment full of excitement, energy, lean methodologies, and smart people.

Immersion and inclusion into lean startup workflows to change how you approach innovation.

Cool startup amenities like a Sonos system, full bar and Xbox.

So why LaunchByte?

Founded by serial entrepreneurs with a combined 500M+ in exits, LaunchByte’s startup experts have the experience to solve even the toughest of business problems at any growth stage.

Since 2015, we’ve been helping startups and mid-size companies transform their growth though unique innovations such as our reverse angel investment model -- startup innovation and high-speed scaling are in our DNA.